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Welcome to Potato Corner


New training techniques including a simple, photo-filled training manual has been created. This manual, with easy-to-understand “how to” steps can be placed in the stores themselves. Using a ring and laminate system, the information sheets guide employees through key aspects of cooking and serving food, maintaining equipment, and proper money handling. These will be available within the coming days.Advanced hands-on training has been developed that includes detailed attention to every aspect of the business. The objective is to ensure that franchisees have an in-depth understanding of the business and operational techniques to use, and hand-down to employees. With a focus on the many aspects of both front-of-house and back-of-house operations, the objective is for franchisees and their managers to gain greater confidence in running their store. Please contact to schedule your training.


As a franchisor we have added the senior expertise of Tom Hodgson to develop and supervisor operational systems for the company. His work has yielded significant results. In addition to Tom we will be adding to the operations team with individuals who will enable us to expand our area supervision of franchise stores. In the coming weeks and months you will have more access to help and counsel to improve your individual stores.


The company is actively evaluating outside marketing services companies to provide enhanced professional support. While currently in the Review and RFP process, the company will soon select a highly skilled marketing partner to take the business to its next level.


POTATOES: The company has recently changed its Potato supplier to provide you the most competitive potato prices available. McCain replaces Lamb Wesson, and you will see stable pricing, consistent quality, and an opportunity for further cost reductions in the future.

CREDIT CARD AND PAYROLL PROCESSING: Heartland replaces Mercury offering you tremendous opportunity for both improved services and dramatic reduction in costs. Please see your email for details on how to immediately take advantage.


A new higher-quality cup manufacturer has created stronger, and more resilient cups without upward cost adjustments. American-made these cups will better hold beverages. New tighter fitting lids are just around the corner.More durable combo boxes have been created and we continue to examine ways to make packaging more field-rigorous to help customers carry their items.The company is currently examining easier-to-carry cups and containers for our core French fry items. Designed to be easier to store in inventory while being easier to use, the enhanced design is being created to add eye appeal while reducing long-term costs. Final design and roll-out is solely dependent upon the vendor ability to deliver U.S. manufacturing at affordable pricing.


CHILI: The company is evaluating several alternative types of chili that will have better yield, better taste appeal, and reduced costs.

BAKED POTATOES:  The company is looking at new topping opportunities to help create new product excitement, sell more baked potatoes, and do all with little operational impact.


The company is evaluating numerous new products including:Party packs and party sized packagingAlternative potato products such as potato skinsNew beverage options including vitamin water flavorsAlternative light meal optionsPlease understand, new product exploration DOES NOT guarantee that products will be rolled out.New shaker bar A new self standing “shaker bar” has been created to allow customers to enhance potato products on their own by “topping off” flavors or create their own combinations.


A high visibility lighted front counter display has been created and is currently in test. Designed to attract customers and create glass case visual appeal, the unit also supports enhance case-warmed product display to encourage sales.


An easier to read, easier to use menu is just about ready for release. The goal is to help speed up service, and reduce inquiries at the register. Look for its release soon.

These are just some of the initiatives currently underway. We look forward to your response which you can engage in via the forum on this website or by contacting us anytime.

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