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Thank you for your interest in the Potato Corner brand. With 1100+ locations worldwide, Potato Corner has firmly established itself as “The Worlds Best Flavored French Fries.”


Our concept is simple. Take the world’s most eaten food, add our signature spice blends and the result is a product that after one bite will change the way you think about French Fries forever.

Potato Corner originated in The Philippines in 1992 as a cart business. It has since expanded to countries all over the world including; Australia, South East Asia, Kuwait, Panama, and The United States. In 2010, Potato Corner was brought to The U.S., opening its first location in Southern California. Since that time, Potato Corner has expanded throughout the country from New York to Texas to Washington and many more. And we’re continuing to grow every day!

When you join Potato Corner as a franchisee, you get support from a team of Franchise Business professionals, operations personnel, and corporate support staff. Our team gives our franchisees all the training, expertise, tools, and advice to help their businesses thrive.

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